MedGenesis Therapeutix Inc. (MedGenesis) is a private Canadian biopharmaceutical holding company with properties in the neurological space. These include components of potentially innovative treatments for patients with neurological disorders, with a focus on Parkinson's disease. Until recently, MedGenesis led the clinical development of glial cell-line derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) for the definitive treatment of Parkinson's disease, before selling the program to Vivifi Biotech Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Parkinson's Society of the United Kingdom (PUK). MedGenesis maintains a significant economic interest in the program and is supporting it through the sale to Vivifi of other IP assets, deemed critical for the eventual commercialization of the program, if clinical results warrant it.


Parkinson's UK creates Vivifi Biotech to research 'promising' experimental treatment

Charity organisation Parkinson's UK has announced it is creating a dedicated company to drive forward research into an experimental treatment for Parkinson's disease.

The company, Vivifi Biotech, has been created through the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech – the drug development arm of Parkinson's UK.

It will seek to further the development of Glial Cell-Line Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF), and investigate if this naturally-occurring protein can regenerate dying brain cells in people with Parkinson's and reverse their condition.